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I started to compose in 1995 by Scream Tracker and later I did my songs with Impulse Tracker. Scream Tracker is a tracker (an integrated multi-track step sequencer and sampler as a software application). Trackers supports up to 100 8-bit samples, 32 channels, 100 patterns and 256 order positions. Impulse Tracker was a bit more developed, but because of there programs worked under DOS operating system, composers didnīt want use these programs so much. However, this was only way to compose your songs at home during the 90ī (if you didnīt want to Midi shit). After Millenium everything changed. Computers got much faster, recording programs start to be better, so it was possible to record something at home. So did I, I bought Sonic foundry Acid program which I used long time until I found Sonar Cakewalk. That program got everything I needed, so Iīm using it nowadays.

I have always composed cause itīs for fun!
List of my songs
Band / Organization Songs Information Year
Invisible Enemy Commandos 2017
Invisible Enemy In The Name of God w/ Janne Ollikainen 2017
Invisible Enemy Invisible Enemy w/ Janne Ollikainen, Zelda Jutila 2017
Invisible Enemy The Fate of Atlantis w/ Janne Ollikainen 2017
Invisible Enemy Worthless Heart 2017
Aapo Salo Lullaby 2015
Raitala Film Schoolīs harsh teacher 2014
A&A Poor Soul of Man w/ Antti Jylhäkoski 2013
Raitala Film Medieval w/ Antti Jylhäkoski 2010
Winterheart Left4dead School Project / Remake (2017) 2010
Crazy Machine Destination Unknown Remake (2017) 2009
Crazy Machine Razorback 2009
Winterheart Thorn w/ Salma 2008
Crazy Machine Räkäkulli w/ Stephen Burgess 2006
Crazy Machine The End of The Universe Remake (2009, 2017) 2006
Crazy Machine Warlords w/ Stephen Burgess 2006
Winterheart Rubberduck w/ Tomi Tuomi 2006
Winterheart Teinarit w/ Petri Helske 2006
Fil-Millinen Productions Appletiger shortmovie soundtrack w/ Petri Helske 2006
Fil-Millinen Productions Kohtalon Kiemuroita movie soundtrack w/ Petri Helske 2005
Winterheart Out of Your Hands 2005
Petri Helske Fridaylove w/ Petri Helske 2004
Winterheart Silver Soltice 2003
Oblique Bloodstained Angel 2002
RapID Blondi 2000
RapID Pahantekijä w/ Anssi Honkanen, Paavo Hyökki 2000
List of feat. songs
Re-armed Through The Barricades Symphony Orchestra 2016
Re-armed Years of Decay Symphony Orchestra 2016
Re-armed Cursed Beyond Belief Symphony Orchestra 2016
Re-armed The Hunt Is On! Symphony Orchestra 2016
aCore Dark Angel Keyboard 2016
Sacrament All is Done Violin 2014
Sacrament Endless Night Symphony Orchestra 2014
Sacrament Parallel Universe Symphony Orchestra 2014
X-Pulssion The Last Judgement Symphony Orchestra w/ Antti Jylhäkoski 2011
X-Pulssion Hellcity Symphony Orchestra w/ Antti Jylhäkoski 2010
Sacrament Can't Find the Way Violin 2010
Crazy Machine Easy Violin 2009
Salma Marionette Guitar 2008
Lame Duck Ex-Big Thing Violin 2006
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