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Sport academy & X-Pulssion - Summer challenge (2013)
The idea of doing this drunk sports video came from Finnish movie called "a son of police", where group of guys are throwing hammer in drunk. We did 4 events and also filmed the whole episode. Doing sports drunk is really dangerous, so donīt try this at home.

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Sport academy - Sulkava rowing race (2012)
Finnish church boat racing team "Kaako" was searching backup guys to the legendary Sulkava rowing race. Over 70km (44 miles) rowing ahead, so we needed to exercise a bit before the race. I did it Rocky Balboa style, Rayburn did it his own way.

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Sport academy - Finlandia ski marathon (2012)
I was 30 years old in winter 2012 and I wanted to do something I havenīt done before. Legendary Finnish cross-country skiing competition "Finlandia" crossed my mind and I took the challenge. 50km (31 miles) long race ahead, under 1.5 months of training.

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Sport academy - Badminton (2012)
This video was filmed during the training session toward Finlandia Ski Marathon. We didnīt have much snow in the January 2012, so we needed to do something else. Iīm doing some tricky shots and making Rayburn to run like hell, but sometimes he did the same to me.

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Sport academy - 4 slapshots (2010)
Iīm doing 4 slapshots in this video. This was filmed in January 2010, when we tried out to film some sport stuff by my mobile phone. Iīm trying to shoot 2 shots in the middle of the goal and 2 up and right. Take a look how I punched the pucks.

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